Best Western Hotel Svava Uppsala

A newly renovated jewel

In the heart of Uppsala, directly opposite the railway station, is Best Western Hotel Svava. What started as a modest renovation of the reception area spread four floors upwards and turned into more than 120 fully renovated rooms. The Svava was transformed from its ancient style featuring rune-stone inscriptions and Greek gods into a jewel of the city centre with traditional, timeless design. A design in which future changes can easily be made by replacing just a few details.


PMI was given the order in July 2016, and despite the scope of the project it was all completed by the end of January 2017. Hotel Svava now has not only its friendly staff and the wonderful Best Breakfast by Tina, but also a bright, new hotel room environment.



Our renovation was fairly extensive, with two different contracts. PMI were flexible in adapting so that our everyday routines could run smoothly. Disruption was kept to a minimum, which is important when you’re hiring out rooms to guests who expect a pleasant experience and stay.

Maria Storäng