Hotel Birger Jarl

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The lobby, restaurant, bar and glazed veranda have been integrated to form a bright, open landscape with a timeless, Scandinavian expression. Perfect Match Interior AB (PMI) was given responsibility for the contract works and interior design concept in the hotel rooms.
Renovation has taken place in nine stages since 2011. PMI’s undertaking during this time varied from just managing the concept and the interior design to assuming responsibility for the entire renovation process, which we refer to as a turnkey contract. A turnkey contract involves the preparation of agreements, in this case with PMI following a schedule to take care of the old interiors, demolish, relocate, renovate floors, walls and ceilings, and manage the logistics of the inbound transportation of construction materials and new interiors.
Lena M Strömberg, who compiled the basic concept, is an Architect SIR/MSA. When selecting products and materials, consideration was given to issues of design, the environment and maintenance.
Since 2011, hundreds of hotel rooms of various sizes have been upgraded in a sober, Scandinavian design with attitude.

PMI stands for honesty, peace of mind and trust. Any changes that might occur as work proceeds are always referred for approval and there is a tremendous desire to satisfy our needs and preferences.
We are very satisfied with our collaboration.

Marianne Hultberg, VD