A perfect location


In 2012, PMI received its first project from Best Western Kom Hotel, which consisted of an interior design contract for 10 rooms. Since then, we have carried out a number of interior design projects that also included the replacement of floors, new surfaces, lighting and interiors. In cases where we have been able to, colour choices have been influenced by existing curtains in the interests of continuity and economy.

The green shade on the walls was a colour desired by the hotel and together we built the design of the rooms based upon it. As the hotel has many younger guests (including YMCA) we wanted to keep it youthful and fresh. We chose a colourful interior with access for technology. We chose to pick out products with good durability and a long lifespan.

We wanted the heavy expensive furniture to be reusable when it is time for the next renovation.

As always, we feel proud and happy about the continued trust and long-term business relationships.